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Outside Yoga

Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga Stretch

This class is designed for those who want a gentle and slower paced class. We will safely work on encouraging the tissues to deeply stretch, thus increasing our range of motion and flexibility. This class is also perfect for yoga practitioners, from the beginner to the advanced student. Runners, tennis players, and other athletes will enjoy this much needed stretch as an addition to their aerobic activity. This practice is essential in creating a healthy balance within the bodies’ tissues.

Prenatal Yoga

 In this specialty class, we will concentrate on the changes that are happening to your body now and in the next several months. We will build arm strength that enables you to be strong when carrying your child. We focus on opening of the pelvic floor as well as breathing techniques that you can utilize during the birth. Most importantly, it is a class designed to keep you safe as your body changes in a miraculous way. This class allows you to socialize and share knowledge with other mothers that are sharing the same experience. You will also experience the feeling of being an active participant in the preparation of your body for the birthing experience.

Therapeutic Yoga

This therapeutic practice is designed for those that would like to receive individual attention in a supportive and safe class setting. Through the use of mindful, appropriate movements and breath awareness; we will encourage the body to move comfortably and safely. Our focus will be on reducing stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Our goal will be to increase range of motion, deepen concentration, relieve chronic pain, and increase lung capacity.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

The word vinyasa means “breath – synchronized movement”. In this class you will be instructed to move from one yoga posture to the next, creating a smooth flow. This class is designed for those who would like to challenge their strength, flexibility, and balance. Each week, we will introduce new postures into our practice. In addition, we will close this challenging, yoga practice with time for relaxation and meditation.

Yin Yoga

This class is designed for those who would like to introduce their bodies to a deeper therapeutic stretch. Through the use of mindful, quiet, and supportive postures that are held for three to five minutes; we will encourage our bodies to sink deep into the joints and their surrounding tissues to create space. Our goal will be to increase our range of motion and to ease the tensions that bind us in daily activities. In this safe, nurturing class; we will begin to explore our inner self, both anatomically and spiritually.

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