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Karen L. Kelly, C.S.T., E-RYT500

I began my yoga training in 2000. With a background in dance, the transition into yoga easily became my passion. I desired to teach this beautiful art to others. After my initial training with Yoga Fit, I found a connection in 2002 to Nancy Ruby of Yoga Motion in Bozeman, Montana. Since I had been assisting in Surgery as a Certified Surgical Technologist for many years, her teachings and anatomical connection to the practice resonated with me. It was a perfect fit to enable me to achieve my 200 hour certification, and at the same time study with someone who had a wonderful grasp of anatomy and body mechanics. This training helped me to recognize anatomical differences in my students, and to provide modifications to suit the individual’s needs. I am forever grateful to my mentor.

After teaching in Connecticut from 2000 -2003, I followed my husband, Tom, as he embarked on a career in the Air Force. I taught in many locations throughout the United States. 2003-2006 brought us to Mississippi, and in 2006 – 2013, we discovered beautiful California where yoga was prolific.

While in California, I was blessed to have studied with amazing instructors. It was here that I embarked on my next level of training with Tiffany Cruikshank in advanced Vinyasa flow and yoga therapeutics. The most memorable time of this training was my travel to study in Kerala, India. How amazing to have studied there, the birthplace of yoga. The completion of this training allowed me to register with Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level. During my California time I studied Yin yoga with Paul and Suzee Grilley, and Prenatal yoga with Jane Austin.

By 2012, I had taught over 2200 hours of yoga and had achieved 779 hours of training. Oh….and by the way……I was still working in surgery as Surgical Technologist. Crazy, right?? These achievements allowed me the delineation of E-RYT 500 by Yoga Alliance.

I currently reside in Sunset, South Carolina, and am enjoying incorporating my years in surgery to my yoga teachings. I am teaching Yoga Therapeutics to those students who wish to maintain and improve the quality of their lives. I continue to teach Yin Yoga, Vinyasa flow, and host anatomical workshops as well. I am inspired by this beautiful, God given place. A place of peace and comfort. I am fed daily by the wonderful students that surround me. I have truly been blessed.

I have hosted many yoga retreats both nationally and internationally. I have truly embraced introducing students to different cultures and experiences. The retreats have allowed me the time to teach in a deeper, more meaningful way.

I look forward to watching my 3 children and their spouses raise my 6 grandchildren with the same love and commitment that I feel every day in my yoga practice.

My Philosophy

“To create a quiet, safe, nurturing environment for all of us to experience yoga.”

“To encourage healthy bodies by maintaining flexibility and range of motion.”

“To experience joy as we explore limitless possibilities.”

“ To connect with our true inner self. Perhaps, getting to know ourselves for the very first time.”

“To learn to love ourselves unconditionally, with endless compassion for all that we are and all that we can be.”

“To establish a sense of peace that dwells deep inside our hearts.”

~ Namaste ~

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